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Mythic Monday ~ Veil Between Worlds


Once upon a time, man lived in harmony with the land. There was no need to destroy, reshape, or control it. Every tree, stone, river, or animal was believed to have a soul.

Many nations across the globe believed in Animism where the lines between animal, human, and spirit were blurred. People and animals, at one time, could speak freely to one another and change form at will. This shaped their various spiritual practices when they gave thanks for the many blessings the earth offered freely. This reverence shaped their culture.

Obviously, the world has changed since the first peoples. In my writing, I rely heavily on Native American and Northern Pacific cultures and belief systems.

So, in my world building, creating a legend that spoke to this split from nature reverence to present day domination had to be addressed. Magical creatures and shapeshifters live in the human realm I’ve created. Their magic is hidden from human vision. For example, I have moon drop fairies living in the garden of one of my characters. When they giggle, they light up. A magical person will see the Moondrop Fairy. A human will see a firefly.

There is a veil between the two worlds. Many cultures believe the veil thins during Halloween, where spirits can walk in the human world. Why not a magical veil as well? But how did this veil come about?

It didn’t take too much effort for me to see that the reverence is a predominant issue. The first peoples respected and gave thanks, modern man reshapes and controls.

I created a legend for my stories that simply states, Mother Nature cast the veil between the realms to protect the earth and her magic. If humans were going to stop respecting the multitude of magic in the world, they would never see it again.

Now it’s your turn…

Will the veil between worlds ever be lifted?

Would you want that?

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I weave myth, magic and fairy tales into my paranormal novels. I would rather spend my days with sirens and shapeshifters than live in the real world.

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5 Responses to Mythic Monday ~ Veil Between Worlds

  • Ginger says:

    Our children are seeking stories written that speak of the Shaman’s World.
    We Grandmothers have been seeking these
    published works to share with our grandchildren.
    Your works confirm to children/young adults, that what they are experiencing is real–it it the shaman realm.
    Thank you.
    A Grandmother

  • Sharon says:

    Interesting question. But I think my answer is ‘no’. People see what they need to see when they need to see it. That’s as it should be.

  • gayle says:

    I too am a grandmother and I feel that the magic needs to be shown to our grandchildren. If we want Mother Earth to show her true self again we adults need to start believing and if we already do believe, start spreading the word of why we do. The magic is out there just ask for your eyes to be open.
    Another Grandmother

  • Isa says:

    Children know everything about Mother Nature, about fairies…about so many things that we, too often, have to , or choose to forget when we grow up..because we need to become “adult”…fortunately, there is beautiful story tellers who remind us why we are here for…
    Thank you!

  • greetings, SheWrites sister.

    I’d rather spend my days with sirens & shapeshifters, too.

    I like your idea of Moondrop fairies. Don’t believe the veil will ever be lifted – and for some, it’s more like a mountainside, no seeing through it at all. But some will be able to see through it, dimly, and a few may pass through.

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