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Mythic Monday ~ The Siren, Goddess of Transformation


What kind of imagery comes to mind when you think about a siren? Do you think of their beautiful voices singing to you or do you imagine gorgeous mermaids brushing their hair and swimming in the oceans?

Typically, sirens are supernatural creatures with beautiful voices, a seductress of souls, sea nymphs luring their lovers to the bottom of the sea. Some of the earliest stories portrayed these mystical creatures dwelling over the soldiers that perished during battle, escorting their souls to cross over into heaven.  Sirens were first mentioned in 800 BC in The Odyssey and are now found in every culture around the globe. These creatures are ingrained in our society from the local coffee shop logo to the masts of wooden sailing ships.

What makes this myth so hypnotic?

When I was in Paris, I spent hours in Le Louvre. There was a funerary monument there that I can remember vividly. A beautiful siren carved in stone with majestic wings and bird feet. When you distill all the myths and folklores from around the world down to its essence, sirens were meant to guide you from one world to the next.

When I sat down to create my world, I needed a creature to guide magical creatures born among the humans to the magical world, a gatekeeper of that magical portal. Someone my magical creatures would be drawn to, someone they would innately trust, to help them make this important crossover…. A siren was the natural choice.

But in my novel, the little siren grows up in the human world. The world of science and logic. She has forgotten magic.

What happens when a siren loses her song?

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I weave myth, magic and fairy tales into my paranormal novels. I would rather spend my days with sirens and shapeshifters than live in the real world.

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