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Mythic Monday ~ Kitsune


My favorite mythological tales are from the northern pacific area. Their stories spark my imagination and provide a foundation for me as I build my story world.

The kitsune Kuzunoha. Note the shadow of a fox...

The kitsune Kuzunoha. Note the shadow of a fox cast on the screen. Print by Kuniyoshi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Fox Spirit is also known as the Kitsune.The Chinese version is my favorite tale. If you are ever missing a book, all you need to do is ask the Kitsune for help. You then leave the room for a little while for the spirit to work its magic. When you return, the book will draw attention to itself.

Of course, stories grow and change as they cross the globe. The Kitsune in Japan and Korea is a seductress and a serves the Goddess Inari (Shinto Goddess of abundance). As time progressed into a more conservative era, this powerful and sexually assertive Fox Spirit received a bad reputation. She became feared and blamed for illness and possession. Sound familiar? Salem witch trials ring a bell?

Fox Spirit devotees build shrines and offerings of food to the hungry spirit. This tends to make the spirit an ally. They can attach to certain families and provide wealth and abundance with their magical abilities. The older the spirit gets the more power it acquires.

Most Fox Spirits are shapeshifters. They love to transform into human form, often a flirty seductress woman. They can be sly, secretive and sneaky or protective, helpful, mentoring spirits. It all depends on the person or family invoking the spirit.

I’m curious if you will recognize the Kitsune in my novels.

If you were to invoke the Kitsune, what things would she do for you?

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I weave myth, magic and fairy tales into my paranormal novels. I would rather spend my days with sirens and shapeshifters than live in the real world.

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