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Flash Fiction Friday #1




Twitter has been a wonderful tool for me as a writer. I find amazing links to articles, new authors and their books, and I’ve made incredible friends. Yesterday, my friend Sarah Fox tweeted about an ant in her pool. Just a normal 140 characters tweet. An image of a SYFY horror movie flashed in my imagination complete with theme music. Those small sparks of the imagination can fuel the rest of your day!

So I wanted to start Flash Fiction Friday for other writers, readers, and maybe even the candlestick makers too! Perhaps something here will fuel your day.

The Guidelines Are Simple:


 Look at the photo posted each Friday.


Remember this is flash fiction, so you  just need to post a scene or a character sketch. If it grows into something larger, that is fantastic!


You have the option of posting it here in the comments section or on your blog. 


If you post on your blog, please leave a link here, in the comments, so everyone can check it out.


Hope you have fun!


Here is the first photo prompt ~



Here is my FFF 🙂

Walter opened his eyes. That car accident must have knocked more than the wind out of him. His joints were stiff and heavy. How was he going to explain wrapping dad’s classic Lotus roadster around a tree? Walter couldn’t resist, it was built to go fast. There was nothing like the wind in your hair as you flew down a winding road.

The world was moving in slow motion right now. He must have conked his head into the steering wheel. There was even a hallucination of a mountainous strawberry sitting right before him. Why was it all he could think about? Vibrant red and the most enticing aroma, if he could just get to it.

Walter stretched his neck and opened his mouth. Why couldn’t he reach out and grab that darn thing? He looked down at his hands and for the first time he truly believed in karma. 




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I weave myth, magic and fairy tales into my paranormal novels. I would rather spend my days with sirens and shapeshifters than live in the real world.

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9 Responses to Flash Fiction Friday #1

  • Jen says:

    I LOVE this idea!!! It is genius!! The picture you posted is adorable, and yet quite humorous! Poor little fella! Ha! That karma will get ya every time! LOL! Your prompt is fantastic!! I am super excited to participate in this! (But will need an entire week to prepare! LOL! I didn’t even have enough time yesterday to post my Friday Factoid…but, these things happens when the day is filled with two little boys ;)) I can’t wait to watch your idea blow up! I think A LOT of writers will LOVE this!! 🙂

  • That’s a brilliant idea, the picture made me laugh and I like the sideways thinking in your piece.

  • Sarah L Fox says:

    Great idea and I love your flash fiction! 🙂 I’m glad the ant did some good rather than just causing half my face to swell up! 😉

    For me, this picture sparked an idea for a children’s picture book about a little turtle who was smaller than all the other turtles. He kept trying to do everything the bigger turtles could do but just couldn’t because he was too small. Eventually he realized that there were things he could do that the other turtles couldn’t do because they were too big. So he learned that he was special and perfect just the way he was. 🙂

  • Ginger says:

    News Caption:
    Determined Turtle devours sumptuous, succulent strawberry…………in his dreams.

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