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Mythic Monday ~ Portals




What images stir in your imagination when you think of portals? You’ve met several in childhood, I’m sure. The magical doorway to another place, another time or quite possibly another dimension. A land of mysticism, wonder, and adventure, far away from the mundane world.

By this definition alone, a portal can be the dream you float into when you close your eyes at night. The book you stay up late with, hypnotized by its magic, eagerly turning the page. It can even be the heart of someone you love. They are energetic portals to another realm.

Childhood literature abounds with physical ‘doorways’ into another world. Alice had the rabbit hole. Mike and Sully had a closet door. There is also the famous train platform in London! No muggle could ever walk through it.

My novel’s portal can only be unlocked by the siren’s song. What happens when the siren doesn’t believe in magic any longer? That is the hurdle I’m working with as I write.

Long ago, Native Americans and Aborigine peoples believed that dark caves were portals that led into the land of the Gods.

Portals are a valuable tool. They allow our imagination to soar and believe anything is possible. Through them we can meet interesting new people, visit extraordinary worlds, and return to the mundane world a new person.

What is your favorite portal? That ‘thing’ that whisks you away from the ordinary and mundane to the land of possibilities…

How did it change you?

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I weave myth, magic and fairy tales into my paranormal novels. I would rather spend my days with sirens and shapeshifters than live in the real world.

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7 Responses to Mythic Monday ~ Portals

  • Jen Wagner says:

    This is a terrific post. I too love the idea of portals and am working with one in my WIP. Your examples of portals helped me revisit some fantastic memories! Not to mention how incredible the picture is that you posted here! It is very inspiring! :). This may sound silly, but for me, two things that have been portals that wisk me away are my bed LOL and my radio…or I suppose music in general. Often times my dreams and music send me off to another dimension and inspire my imagination. Great post! This is one of my new favorites!!

  • Super post. Really interesting. I could use a portal in the story I’m working on.

  • My favorite in literature is the middle-world full of pools that were portals to all different worlds and times in C.S. Lewis’ The Magicians Nephew. The possibilities are endless of where they could lead, and water is often mysterious when you can’t see the bottom. I can drift away just watching the river flow, ocean waves, or even the still surface of a pond.
    In my own life, painting can be a portal. It is so transporting for me that I do it seldom and have to plan a large block of time when I can lose myself in the artwork…like taking a trip.

    • Maryellen says:

      Hi Shari 🙂 Orson Scott Card wrote something very similar with the pools. I remember C.S. Lewis’s pools. He liked portals, he did have the wardrobe to Narnia 🙂 Love hearing how everyone else views this subject!! Thanks for visiting!

  • Ginger says:

    Interesting that you should write this, when it seems Portals are opening for everyne!
    I was saddened when you wrote that Siren looses her sense of magic, as I know sometimes happens in life. I know you will find a mystical way for her helpers to revitalize her!

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