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Six Sentence Sunday #10



Last week Mayor Carver jumped out in front of Tori as she drove Otis’s taxi up Main Street to her mother’s house. Her missing mother has brought her back to Starlight Cove, a tiny island town in the Pacific Northwest, where she grew up.


Mayor Carver chased behind the family, lighting their path back to their coop. Why did the chickens cross the road? To see if the Mayor would follow. One summer when Tori was little, Mayor Carver pulled a little red wagon behind him for an entire month because Mu Shu, his pot belly pig, was sick. He was such a…mother hen.

Soon as the fuzzy family safely crossed, Tori proceeded round the Town Square which was actually a large circle with the giant gazebo in the center. Tori knew if she walked over there on any given day, she would find several offerings of milk and honey, perhaps even a few copper coins. The fairies liked sweet and shiny offerings. 

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I weave myth, magic and fairy tales into my paranormal novels. I would rather spend my days with sirens and shapeshifters than live in the real world.

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