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Flash Fiction #6




The Guidelines Are Simple:

Look at the photo posted each Friday.

Remember this is flash fiction, so you  just need to post a scene or a character sketch. If it grows into something larger, that is fantastic!

You have the option of posting it here in the comments section or on your blog.

If you post on your blog, please leave a link here, in the comments, so everyone can check it out.


And here is this Friday’s prompt ~


* Art by Robert Montgomery. He is a London artist who hijacks advertising space intended for commuters who don’t know they are art. His texts are part poetry, part an inquiry into our collective unconscious.”

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I weave myth, magic and fairy tales into my paranormal novels. I would rather spend my days with sirens and shapeshifters than live in the real world.

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5 Responses to Flash Fiction #6

  • Ginger says:

    Oh my goodness, YES!
    Like they explain in Touch, we are all connected by strings, with those we are to share our lives with.
    Happy to be sharing this life with you!

  • She stopped breathing when he touched her and she couldn’t say a word. After all, for twenty years she’d been happily married. Too many married women her age complained about their husbands. But, Tim was her best friend for years before they became lovers.
    No one had turned her heart until she went to the acupuncture doctor. Tim had recommended him through one of his co-worker’s wives who was experiencing the same feelings of general malaise that had drained Terry for weeks.
    Malcolm Hunting was a reserved, attractive, but not striking, middle aged man. He sat and listened to Terry for two hours before she got on the massage table fully dressed. She closed her eyes and relaxed in a quilt of comforting fragrance and music, hardly feeling the fine needles placed on her head, chest, arms, and feet. After he removed the needles he placed his warm hands gently on her head. A flowing stream of light energy bathed her body. She felt like a baby held in loving grandmother’s arms. Her whole body smiled.
      After her third visit he placed his arm around her shoulders just before she left. A bolt of lightening quickened her spine. Then one day she woke up to the thought of his touch. Her face glowed like a 16 year old girl after her first kiss. The words never escaped her mouth nor did she write them. But over and again, like the refrain of a song stuck in her mind, I love you Malcolm Hunting, I love you. I have loved you from the beginning of time and beyond the end of the universe. She measured the passage of time by visits to his office.
    Her eyes met his and Terry convinced herself he knew the waves of emotion she surfed. After each visit she felt better, more whole, more alive, younger, eager to meet each day. This ebullience led her to apply for the school superintendent position in the small college town where she and Tim had always wanted to live. She accepted the offer without a second thought. Later, lying on the table, warmed to her core as Malcolm massaged her back and held his energy giving hands above her body, only then did she realize what she was giving up.
      They hugged after her last session and she lightly kissed his lips. Malcolm’s eyes smiled. Days later, as she and Tim drove out of town, they passed Malcolm’s office. Terry closed the lid on her love and buried that chest in the hollow of her heart.

    • Maryellen says:

      What a creative and emotional story you have woven from this prompt!! I love the different paths writers take from the same starting point 🙂 Thank you for posting!!!

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