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My stories weave myth and magic with fairy-tale and folklore into something unique and leave the reader with a sense of wonder.

Writing is like air for me. I can’t imagine life without it. It is woven into every part of my soul.


13 Responses to Me ~ Maryellen

  • wordsedge says:

    Air whips about, or gently breathes, or is still and all other kinds of airy things. It’s the same with writing, no?

  • amy says:

    The blog is beautiful! The picture at the top just takes my breath away…love it.

    Your writing is really gorgeous. I’m a huge heron fan….loved reading about you shape shifting character!

    • Thank you Amy, this was a wonderful message to start my day with πŸ™‚
      Your art is stunning! I love the youtube video on your web page….amazing! and very inspiring…

      • amy says:

        Thanks Maryellen! When I came to your page today again I was so taken by the picture at the top…its all my favorite things in one….the moon, the water, trees, painting, oh and some definite magic! I am so looking forward to reading more of your words and adding your blog to my ritual joys!

  • Mark says:

    You put that so poetically: writing like air.
    I wish writing was so casual, so everyday, so graceful for me.
    For me it’s a need. A heart-pounding, sweaty compulsion that gives me a rush I feel in my body and my mind. It’s an addiction. A hunger. I’m having a liaison with words. Even when I leave my room, sated, I want more and come back the next day, eager to write again. I love it. I never want to be stop.

    • and there is no reason you ever have to stop πŸ™‚ that thrill is always available….

      without air, I don’t breathe, I don’t exist, so it’s the same desire expressed in different ways….the beauty of writing!

  • Maryellen, you won my contest but I can’t find your email. send me a quick email with your address so I can send you a copy of DECEPTION by Lee Nichols. suzie.townsend(at)

  • Not only writing comes naturally to you Maryellen, you also have a knack for blogging. Lovely, suggestive imagery at the top, intriguing bits of information that make your reader long for more and great links. I’m glad we met today, but think you already had the right idea(s)!

  • Hello Judith, Thank you for all the kind words. Loved meeting you today as well. Hope to see you again soon!

  • Photographer says:

    Maryellen, its such a nice blog…

    I think, you are learning digital photography… did you take shots?

    • I am learning digital photography, but most of the great shots on my blog, the ones of Black River and the herons, belong to Mike Hamilton.

      My photos are posted on my facebook page. Perhaps I will create a page for photos on this blog in the future. My camera goes everywhere with me now, like my favorite pen and notebook πŸ™‚

      thank you for visiting!!!

  • Virs Rana says:

    Enjoy the rhythm of your expressions. Your imagination seems to incorporate ever emerging worlds ‘weaving’ them into our local tapestries.

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