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Mythic Monday ~ Portals




What images stir in your imagination when you think of portals? You’ve met several in childhood, I’m sure. The magical doorway to another place, another time or quite possibly another dimension. A land of mysticism, wonder, and adventure, far away from the mundane world.

By this definition alone, a portal can be the dream you float into when you close your eyes at night. The book you stay up late with, hypnotized by its magic, eagerly turning the page. It can even be the heart of someone you love. They are energetic portals to another realm.

Childhood literature abounds with physical ‘doorways’ into another world. Alice had the rabbit hole. Mike and Sully had a closet door. There is also the famous train platform in London! No muggle could ever walk through it.

My novel’s portal can only be unlocked by the siren’s song. What happens when the siren doesn’t believe in magic any longer? That is the hurdle I’m working with as I write.

Long ago, Native Americans and Aborigine peoples believed that dark caves were portals that led into the land of the Gods.

Portals are a valuable tool. They allow our imagination to soar and believe anything is possible. Through them we can meet interesting new people, visit extraordinary worlds, and return to the mundane world a new person.

What is your favorite portal? That ‘thing’ that whisks you away from the ordinary and mundane to the land of possibilities…

How did it change you?

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Six Sentence Sunday #6




Recap: Last week Satori had just arrived in Starlight Cove to find her missing mother.

Here is this weeks six 🙂

Out of the mists, the familiar yellow curves of Janine came into focus. Otis Meriwether was bent over her, buffing the curves of his beloved taxi. Janine looked like she was ready to whisk Tori away to a speakeasy. Some things never change. Otis had been driving that taxi since cars landed on the island.

“Hello Otis.” 



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777 Challenge


I was tagged not once but twice today for the 777 Challenge.

Thanks to Sheri Kennedy and Goran Zidar,

The Challenge:

 Post 7 lines (+) from page 7 of my work in progress and then tag 7 other writers to do the same…


From my WIP Siren Song – 

Tori’s imagination spun as she thought of ways to politely get her co-worker to leave.

“Come on Tor, aren’t you a little curious what’s in here?” She bent the envelope in her hands like a child sneaking a peek at a Christmas gift, “I’ll open it and read it to you. You don’t even have to move from your microscope.”

The envelope was catnip to her lab assistant. How was Tori going to get any peace?

“Uh, Poppy, last time I checked the freezer was looking like it needed to be cleaned out.”


Now I will tag 7 of my writer friends to be next 🙂

Cathy Thomsen Givans

Jen Wagner

Sarah L Fox

Dan Post

Tami Martin

Jacquie Rogers

Jessica Titchenal


Please post a link to your challenge in the comment, so we can visit 🙂

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Six Sentence Sunday #4



Happy Sunday!!!

It began for Sara Brookes in February 2010 to perhaps hook some readers about the story she was writing. Now, it is an amazing adventure for authors all over the map. Want to participate next Sunday? The rules are simple, sign up by clicking the banner by Saturday, link back to the SSS website, and post your six sentences. There are so many amazing posts to visit and you will make new friends too. Click the banner and sign up for next week!


Since it is Father’s Day, the first without my dad, I chose a special passage from my WIP.  It’s more than six this week…..


Tori pleaded, “Daddy please don’t leave me.”

Dark hair whipped around her face as she struggled to reach him. What was happening?    

“Magic won’t let him stay Satori. We have to say good-bye”  

Good-bye? Magic was a gift.

Daddy walked into the pool of moonlight and blew her a kiss. Her eyes continued to spill tears as the father she adored evaporated into a thousand slivers of light, spun into a vortex, and spilled into the pond.

Daddy was gone. Magic took him.



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