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weekend writing warrior

Hello everyone,

Since Six Sentence Sunday ended, I have not shared or posted in quite some time. My friend Teresa Cypher *waves hello, told me about the Weekend Writing Warriors. It is fun and easy to join in and share what you are working on!!

The Rules are simple ~ Every Sunday, post 8 sentences from a current writing project, published or unpublished. Visit other participants and offer opinions, critiques, support. Writers hanging out with writers, a good time with a great group of people.

My first post for the WWW begins in Starlight Cove at the end of the prologue that will launch the reader into my first novel, Awaken.


Tori pleaded, “Daddy please don’t leave me.”

Dark hair whipped around her face as she struggled to reach him. What was happening?    

“Magic won’t let him stay Satori. We have to say good-bye”  

Good-bye? Magic was a gift.

Daddy walked into the pool of moonlight and blew her a kiss. Her eyes continued to spill tears as the father she adored evaporated into a thousand slivers of light, spun into a vortex, and spilled into the pond.

Daddy was gone. Magic took him.

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Thank you to everyone that reads and comments, I appreciate it!!

Six Sentence Sunday #16



Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Autumn Sunday!! I must say, this is my favorite time of year.

Last week Tori relinquished Janine’s keys to Otis and prepared to go into her mother’s house. I’ve had a few emails and comments concerned over Otis driving back into town. Hopefully, this snippet will reassure you that Otis is on top of everything in Starlight Cove.


The overnight bag was heavier now as she hefted it over her shoulder. She took a step toward mom’s home and then turned on her heel.

“Otis, it’s so dark out tonight.” Her heart pounded. She couldn’t leave him stranded. “How are you going to get back into town?”

“Satori, what has Seattle done to you? Don’t you know how a taxi service works?” he walked to her and held out his arm like Cary Grant.

“Of course I do…but…”

He pointed to the crowd inside her mother’s house, “When this is all over, those pretty ladies inside are going to need a ride into town.”

“Yes, yes they are.” A smile warmed her face as she looped her free arm through his.

“Good thing I’m here then isn’t it?” He winked. 


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Thank you to everyone that reads and comments, I appreciate it!!


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Six Sentence Sunday #15



Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! Thanks so much for taking a few minutes of your day to visit and read my snippet from Starlight Cove. I appreciate your visit and every comment posted. Especially while I am in the intense editing stage at the moment…

Last week, Tori was thinking about what ‘family’ meant to her as she sat in the taxi with Otis.


The key slid easily from the ignition. Tori grasped it tight and smiled. Janine was her first taste of freedom, whether it was sneaking into the old drive-in out on Lakeshore Drive, or parking by the cove and watching the asteroid shower. Relinquishing the key to Otis revived those old memories. Happy memories of this place.

Tori caressed the steering wheel. Thanks sweet girl. She stepped out of the taxi and walked around to the trunk. Otis met her there and popped the trunk. 


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To catch up on the story:

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Six Sentence Sunday #14




Sorry I’m posting this a few hours late. I was at Goat Fest. Yes, you read that correctly, Goat Fest. I had no idea what it was either. Yes, there were goats and live music and dancing children and food and friends and fun. Sounded like  perfect Starlight Cove event, so I had to check it out!!!

Now for this weeks snippet. Otis and Tori are sitting in the taxi. Tori is apprehensive about going into the house and Otis just mentioned he considered her family.

Family. Tears welled in her eyes. Wasn’t family dependable? Like picking you up from dance rehearsals or attending the science fair. Mom never remembered. Tori wiped her eyes. If she was going to survive the chaos mom created tonight with yet another vanishing act, tears had to be vanquished. 


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Six Sentence Sunday #13



Hope you are enjoying an amazing holiday weekend. Sorry for my absence last week! I’m back this week to pick up where the story left off…Satori drove up to her mom’s home but couldn’t get out of Otis’s taxi.

Otis popped open the glove box and pulled out a box of playing cards. He shuffled the cards and dealt them into seven piles. Solitaire. The solid rhythm of him flipping cards by the dim dash light soothed Tori’s nerves.

“Otis, thank you…” She glanced at his calm profile in the dark. “…for bringing me up the hill.”

He continued to flip over the cards in neat piles, “That’s what family does Satori.” 


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And to catch up with my story:


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Six Sentence Sunday #12





Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are enjoying an amazing weekend.

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Last week, Satori  reached the top of Main Street and the bike/tree. This week she finally arrives at her mom’s house…


Mom lived just out of town, literally over the river and through the woods, then up on the ridge top in the thick forest. The house had been in the family since Starlight Cove had been settled.

Even at nightfall, the house glowed as they approached it. Tori’s green gabled prison of nightmares. Mom’s house at last.

Moonlight filtered through the maple leaves casting ghostly shadows over the pathway to the front door. Tori sat back in the security of Janine’s leather seat. Her hand rested on the safety belt release. Why couldn’t she move?

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Six Sentence Sunday #11




I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! Thanks for stopping by for another Six Sunday post.

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Last week Satori was driving through the woods at the end of Main Street to her mom’s house…

The top of Main Street circled around an ancient tree.  A rusted bike frame was gobbled up by one of the oldest cedars in the forest about fifty years ago. Main Street circled round the bike/tree out of respect or perhaps out of fear. You never knew in this town.

Tori gripped the steering wheel and glimpsed over at Otis. He winked and it gave her the nudge she needed to continue. This was the last glimpse of civilization before she circled left toward mom’s house on Firefly Lane. 


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The ‘Look’ Challenge



 Cindy Nord tagged me in the LOOK Challenge and then Kathleen Rice Adams ‘encouraged’ me to post soon and share!  The Look Challenge reminds us to be aware of overused words and replace them with something more appropriate as well as a chance to share our current WIP.


The rules of the Challenge require the tagged authors to find the first occurrence of “look” in their work in progress. We then post that ‘look’ and the surrounding snippet of that scene. Next we have to tag an unspecified number of friends. Here’s a short snippet from my current WIP, Awaken.


This WIP is the one I have been posting in my Six Sentence Sunday posts the past few weeks. Satori Winters must return home to Starlight Cove to help find her missing mother. The first appearance of ‘look’ is in the prologue, the next in the 1st chapter/1st sentence! I’m posting both snippets since it took me so long to post for this challenge.




The night exhaled through the fresh leaves. Tori twirled through the tall elderberry hedges eager to play with her garden friends. The white petals of the jasmine stars fluttered open and awakened the moondrop fairies from their nests, their giggle glowing in the night sky.


A cool ethereal mist dropped down from the face of the full moon and swirled over the mirrored surface of the pond. It lingered, dancing in the moonbeams.


Mom’s golden light blinked off upstairs. Tori couldn’t wait to see what magical gifts were going to be offered to the garden tonight. Mama and she always looked forward to this special time together when they could share the full moon gifts. Tori couldn’t wait to sing to them. The window bellowed open.


A swarm of puffy blue dragons descended into the garden and hummed like fuzzy bumble bees all around her.



Chapter One:


The purple stained cells looked like spilled tears. Tori Winters eased back from the microscope and rubbed her eyes. Twelve-hour days were exhausting. Make that five twelve-hour days in a row.

Wouldn’t you know a five year old would offer the most challenging case to end the day? Lord knows they stick everything in their mouths. And then they refuse to talk about what they stuck in there, which means running a plethora of tests. And now, even his poop wasn’t talking about what was making him sick. Why couldn’t he have swallowed a quarter or eaten a bug? Five year olds and their darn imaginations. What was making this kid sick?


Now I challenge ~

Sarah Fox

Nicole Bates

Jess Macallan

Cathy Givans


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Six Sentence Sunday




Last week Tori drove around the gazebo in the park, knowing there were milk and honey offerings to the fairies. You can catch up with the entire story with the links below.

Town dropped away as Tori drove further up the Main Street hill.  The town’s gas street lights gave way to the shadows and inky darkness of the old growth forest to the dead end of Main Street.

This drive into the forest sent pin prick shivers up and down Tori’s spine.  The forest choked out dazzling sunshine even on the brightest day. The limbs stretched out like spindly fingers clawing at the road. Moonlight somehow filtered through and danced like wispy ghosts up to Firefly Lane.

I love hearing from from readers, please leave a comment.

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Mythic Monday ~ Mother Nature




What image springs to mind when you picture Mother Nature? Would it surprise you that she gave birth to the Greek Gods and mythology? She’s been around a long, long, LONG time.

As I was world building, it was important for me to find a way to hide magic. Sure I could have pulled a reason out of my proverbial ‘hat’, but I like grounding my writing in history and mythology. I had a basic idea of the reasons, but I needed to familiarize myself with the lady that dropped the veil in the first place, Mother Nature.


The first Greek God was actually a Goddess, Mother Nature, or as they named her, Gaia. She sprang from chaos and gave birth to the flowers, trees, mountains and rivers. Our entire ecosystem is her child. She is a very nurturing Goddess. Her only desire is harmony. When an unbalance occurs, she will do anything within her natural powers to restore harmony. Earthquake, tornado, and even volcanic eruptions are her tools to restore her ‘child’ to its natural balance.


In Slavic traditions, she has a duality. Lada is the goddess of spring, love and beauty. She lives in the ‘otherworld’ and emerges every spring equinox to shower the land with her gifts. Marzanna is the goddess of death and winter, an old crone that lulls the earth and her children to sleep.


Mokosh, is the Russian Goddess of Earth, worshipped by the ancients. Mokosh spins the thread of life and became the patron of women as time progressed. She is widely known throughout Russia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine and the Czechoslovakia.


The Hindu culture’s divine mother is Maimatawhich literally means Mother Earth.

Mother Goddess (Matrika)


Ancient Egypt worshipped Hathor, who held the sky.

Dendera Temple, showing Hathor on the capitals...



The Inca’s had Pachamama.

English: Pachamama or Mama Pacha "Mother ...


The Neolithic settlement of Anatolia, which dates back to 7500 BC also worshipped a divine mother goddess. Figurines of a woman seated on a throne, flanked by two lions, have been excavated by archeologists. They are believed to be the goddess Chatal Huyuk.



Mother Nature has been worshipped by every culture around the globe for as long as time has been recorded.  She is exactly who I need to make the rules of magic work in my world.


What have you heard about Mother Nature? I’m interested in hearing your stories and beliefs

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