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Six Sentence Sunday #15



Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! Thanks so much for taking a few minutes of your day to visit and read my snippet from Starlight Cove. I appreciate your visit and every comment posted. Especially while I am in the intense editing stage at the moment…

Last week, Tori was thinking about what ‘family’ meant to her as she sat in the taxi with Otis.


The key slid easily from the ignition. Tori grasped it tight and smiled. Janine was her first taste of freedom, whether it was sneaking into the old drive-in out on Lakeshore Drive, or parking by the cove and watching the asteroid shower. Relinquishing the key to Otis revived those old memories. Happy memories of this place.

Tori caressed the steering wheel. Thanks sweet girl. She stepped out of the taxi and walked around to the trunk. Otis met her there and popped the trunk. 


Please make sure to visit all the wonderful authors this Sunday by clicking the banner above. It’s so much fun and I’ve made so many amazing friends!!!


To catch up on the story:

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Six Sentence Sunday #12





Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are enjoying an amazing weekend.

Please make sure to visit all the wonderful authors this Sunday by clicking the banner above.


Last week, Satori  reached the top of Main Street and the bike/tree. This week she finally arrives at her mom’s house…


Mom lived just out of town, literally over the river and through the woods, then up on the ridge top in the thick forest. The house had been in the family since Starlight Cove had been settled.

Even at nightfall, the house glowed as they approached it. Tori’s green gabled prison of nightmares. Mom’s house at last.

Moonlight filtered through the maple leaves casting ghostly shadows over the pathway to the front door. Tori sat back in the security of Janine’s leather seat. Her hand rested on the safety belt release. Why couldn’t she move?

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Mythic Monday ~ Mother Nature




What image springs to mind when you picture Mother Nature? Would it surprise you that she gave birth to the Greek Gods and mythology? She’s been around a long, long, LONG time.

As I was world building, it was important for me to find a way to hide magic. Sure I could have pulled a reason out of my proverbial ‘hat’, but I like grounding my writing in history and mythology. I had a basic idea of the reasons, but I needed to familiarize myself with the lady that dropped the veil in the first place, Mother Nature.


The first Greek God was actually a Goddess, Mother Nature, or as they named her, Gaia. She sprang from chaos and gave birth to the flowers, trees, mountains and rivers. Our entire ecosystem is her child. She is a very nurturing Goddess. Her only desire is harmony. When an unbalance occurs, she will do anything within her natural powers to restore harmony. Earthquake, tornado, and even volcanic eruptions are her tools to restore her ‘child’ to its natural balance.


In Slavic traditions, she has a duality. Lada is the goddess of spring, love and beauty. She lives in the ‘otherworld’ and emerges every spring equinox to shower the land with her gifts. Marzanna is the goddess of death and winter, an old crone that lulls the earth and her children to sleep.


Mokosh, is the Russian Goddess of Earth, worshipped by the ancients. Mokosh spins the thread of life and became the patron of women as time progressed. She is widely known throughout Russia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine and the Czechoslovakia.


The Hindu culture’s divine mother is Maimatawhich literally means Mother Earth.

Mother Goddess (Matrika)


Ancient Egypt worshipped Hathor, who held the sky.

Dendera Temple, showing Hathor on the capitals...



The Inca’s had Pachamama.

English: Pachamama or Mama Pacha "Mother ...


The Neolithic settlement of Anatolia, which dates back to 7500 BC also worshipped a divine mother goddess. Figurines of a woman seated on a throne, flanked by two lions, have been excavated by archeologists. They are believed to be the goddess Chatal Huyuk.



Mother Nature has been worshipped by every culture around the globe for as long as time has been recorded.  She is exactly who I need to make the rules of magic work in my world.


What have you heard about Mother Nature? I’m interested in hearing your stories and beliefs

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Blog Awards!


I was quite surprised to be nominated for several blog awards by Jen Wagner!  This lady has been a blessing in my life. Her comments make me feel like a best seller and I haven’t even published YET 😉 If you haven’t visited Jen, stop by her blog and say hello. She has amazing YA book reviews and fun posts 🙂

Now for the awards ~


1. Thank the nominator

2. Nominate others that are worthy of that award in your opinion (see below.)

3.  Tell us 7 things about yourself (and let us know where to read them, you can use your blog, but not everyone does).  Make sure the people you nominate know they have been nominated.

OK, to begin, here are 7 things about me that you may not know…

1. My favorite breakfast food is scrapple. If you live on the east coast you are familiar with this delicious breakfast meat! Since I am living on the west coast, I miss it something fierce.

2. I’ve worked in 2 Washington zoos. In research and as education coordinator. It was an amazing experience and I miss the animals. I used to share my morning cup of tea with a cougar named Merlin. He would purr and ‘tell’ me all about his evening while the zoo was closed. I miss that!!!

3. My favorite chocolate is infused with chili peppers.

4. I worked my way through college as a nanny. Several of ‘my kids’ are now in college themselves.

5. I quilt by hand the way my grandmother taught me. I prefer to hand piece. It’s soothing, almost like a meditation.

6. Jasmine tea is my favorite tea. I’m a tea drinker!!

7. I have a huge collection of rocks. When I was little, my dad would take me to caverns and I became fascinated with them. Now I have calcite, galena, malachite, quartz and dozens of other rocks from around the world lined up in my windowsills.




Rules for Reader Appreciate Award

1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
2. Answer the 9 questions below
3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number. My nominations are below.

4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.

5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

Questions for me to answer for the Reader Appreciate Award :

What is your favorite color?

Orange or yellow has always been my color of choice. They just make me so happy. My office is a pumpkin color and my entryway is a buttery yellow. When the rays of sunset hit them, it has the most beautiful glow.

What’s your favorite animal?

Don’t think I have a favorite. They all have a charm and beauty all their own.

What is your favorite pattern?

stars!!! I’ve always had a thing for stars since I was a little girl.

Favorite number?


Favorite day of the week?

Friday, what do you expect from a Fringe addict? And before Fringe, there was Stargate SG1. Gotta love SciFi Fridays!

Favorite flower?


What is your passion?

World building. I absolutely love creating a storybook world that opens readers eyes, makes them think in different way or see things in a new light.  It’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing.


For this award you are supposed to list 7 things about yourself which I did above 😉

But since you’ve read this far, I’ll give you one more…

I’ve traced my family tree on my dad’s side back to the early 1600s and the Brady family originated in Scotland. When I visited Scotland a few years ago, before my research, I fell in love with Scotland. Almost the feeling of coming home!! Makes me very curious about genetics and preferences.


And now for me to nominate some amazing writers for these awards:

D.T. Dyllin (@DTDyllin) Check out her bog, she has exciting news!!

Nicolette Reed (@Nicolette_Reed) She has a fantabulous sense of humor and  wonderful person!!

Cyndi Briggs (@DrCyndiBriggs) She is an amazing woman full of insight and inspiration. She even took time from her busy schedule once to talk to a very nervous beginning blogger (me!) and helped me through the fears.


I completely understand if you do not wish to participate in the awards. Time is a premium in the writing life. YOU are a creative and inspiring group of bloggers and I am blessed to know you!!


Thank you Jen Wagner, Cathy Givans, and Sarah Fox. You each are a continued source of inspiration and friendship. HUGS to each of you!!!

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Mythic Monday ~ Portals




What images stir in your imagination when you think of portals? You’ve met several in childhood, I’m sure. The magical doorway to another place, another time or quite possibly another dimension. A land of mysticism, wonder, and adventure, far away from the mundane world.

By this definition alone, a portal can be the dream you float into when you close your eyes at night. The book you stay up late with, hypnotized by its magic, eagerly turning the page. It can even be the heart of someone you love. They are energetic portals to another realm.

Childhood literature abounds with physical ‘doorways’ into another world. Alice had the rabbit hole. Mike and Sully had a closet door. There is also the famous train platform in London! No muggle could ever walk through it.

My novel’s portal can only be unlocked by the siren’s song. What happens when the siren doesn’t believe in magic any longer? That is the hurdle I’m working with as I write.

Long ago, Native Americans and Aborigine peoples believed that dark caves were portals that led into the land of the Gods.

Portals are a valuable tool. They allow our imagination to soar and believe anything is possible. Through them we can meet interesting new people, visit extraordinary worlds, and return to the mundane world a new person.

What is your favorite portal? That ‘thing’ that whisks you away from the ordinary and mundane to the land of possibilities…

How did it change you?

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Mythic Monday ~ Dragons

English: Chinese dragons at LongyinTemple in C...

English: Chinese dragons at LongyinTemple in Chukou, Taiwan Français : Dragons chinois au temple de Longyin à Chukou, Taiwan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dragons have always been popular icons. Games, cartoons, plush animals, tattoos, you can find dragon items everywhere. Ask any two-year-old and they will tell you all about their favorite dragon.  Where did it all start?

China is probably the oldest culture that began incorporating the dragon into their belief systems. Their culture sees the dragon as a symbol or power, prosperity, and good fortune.  Dragons are an essential power of nature. A dragon’s breath, ‘chi’, bequeaths the four elements, rain, earth, sun, and wind. Emperors surrounded themselves with images of the powerful creature in their palaces, swords, and clothing. Even today, the dragon is a revered mythical being.

Cross the ocean and the respect changes to fear. Dragons become fire breathing evil creatures that need to be conquered. Open the pages of most fairy tales and there is a dragon that must be conquered by a brave knight.

I hold reverence for the dragons of the Chinese belief system. My world building incorporates the Northern Pacific cultures, so this fits in. I’m creating several types of dragons, like the mythology of China where dragons can be covered in feathers or scales and an array of colors and sizes.

What dragon do you most remember from childhood? Do you have a favorite Dragon story?

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